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About In Loving Memory

About In Loving Memory


Mass Programs & Funeral Service Programs

Mass Programs (also known as Mass Books, Funeral Books, and Service Programs) are available in multiple sizes. Most programs are usually either a 1-page double-sided, or a 2-page doubled-sided. For anyone wanting to add additional photos or obituaries, we also offer Custom Funeral Service Programs (see below).

Choose Your Mass Programs Style

Program selection is initially made by choice of sizes.

  • ONE PAGE PROGRAM - a single 8.5 x 11 page folded. Listings in the program are usually just an outline form of the service.
  • TWO PAGE PROGRAM - a two page 8.5 x 11 pages folded and booklet made. These programs are more detailed. Words to the readings and words to music are usually included.

Need Custom Mass Programs?

CUSTOM MASS PROGRAMS can have several additional pages or tribute stories of the family member. Usually this program serves the family that wants to include several additional photos or life stories of the deceased. Additional info is necessary to utilize this layout. Once the determination of layout is decided you can proceed to the information section to customize your mass programs.

View Mass Programs By Style

Preview some of our most-popular mass program and funeral booklet styles below. Customize your designs to your preferences.


Mass Programs

Custom mass programs/funeral service programs. Many styles & sizes available. Use our designs or yours. 

See our mass programs

Note Cards

Note Cards

Exquisite note cards in multiple styles (or let our designers bring your ideas to life).

Learn about our note cards


Custom Art

Click here to see samples of our custom art, samples and directives to customizing your notes.

Learn more about our custom art.

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