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About In Loving Memory

About In Loving Memory


11751 Southwest Highway
Palos Heights, Illinois
P 708.448.0887


Pre Need Services

bg-herorightSome families we work with at IN LOVING MEMORY prefer to make arrangements for the services before a loss has occurred. Many feel that making plans before a need arises allows a family or an individual to make decisions for the Mass, wake, grave side services or memorial tribute in their own time and make choices that are in line with their specific wishes.

Get Peace of Mind

Some prefer to make choices of special readings, poems and music selections along with specific musicians that they prefer and would like to use in the services. Some individuals have peace of mind knowing that they will not burden family members with all the final decisions. Others just want their family members to know that the burden of so many choices has been made ahead of time so in the time of need it allows family members peace of mind.

Get Help With Pre-Need Arrangements

We can also help families with any pre-need arrangements that can help in the planning of one's memorial service regardless of location. Please call or fill out our Contact Form for further information. You may also call our office between 8 and 5 and a coordinator will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Mass Programs

Custom mass programs/funeral service programs. Many styles & sizes available. Use our designs or yours. 

See our mass programs

Note Cards

Note Cards

Exquisite note cards in multiple styles (or let our designers bring your ideas to life).

Learn about our note cards


Custom Art

Click here to see samples of our custom art, samples and directives to customizing your notes.

Learn more about our custom art.

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